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Whats Wrong With My Ear ?

At my old age, I still like to heard terrible sound that people called "black metal". Why ? I don't know exactly, but when I hear :
"rite of the pentagram"
"call of the cthulu"
"morbid vision" etc, etc..
my mind was feel better than before. I feel coming back to live.
Just it !

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2 komentar sehat ::

FaUZaNeVVa said...

There's no matter with Your ear. You just need to be reincarnated. 'You are The Past'. Reign Of The Light, remember it...

-_-; ...

mPitzky said...

sesuk nek ketemu didot tak kopiin Homicide wes maz. sisan tak kasih liriknya.
biasane tak gae lagu patahati ato pas garap gawean.