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Why I am Being DisKonekted ?

Some people ask me why I am choosing DisKonekted as my name. Its been a long story, but in fact, I was really disconnected from this (or your) "real world". I live in a different state than something wrong that you call that "reality". My mind was not set up to living here normally "to face reality".
I am no one
I am emptiness
I am nothing
You may say I am an insane person, but you’re right; I have no sanity in my mind. But, inside myself, I am happy. My happiness is the same with something ridiculous that you call it "sadness".
Yes, I am already dead from this world, I am DisKonekted from this world of yours.
I am Being DisKonekted :
It means that there is an empty space between me and you,
It means that we were clearly separated.
Am I an nihilist ?
You know that better than me!

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4 komentar sehat ::

Anonymous said...

please coming home, brother!!


Anonymous said...

wear yor own glases, you'll see the truth; The Self!


Anonymous said...

Come On, You're almost The Master...!! But, now You're about leaving Your Soul. When will it be back again...?

I need You as A Master. -_-;


mPitzky said...

jadilah sebagaimana daun terhembus angin saat waktunya tiba bagi sang daun untuk lepas dari dahan. daun nggak pernah berubah jadi buah saat diterbangkan angin kemanapun. dan angin cuma menjalankan tugasnya untuk berhembus dan menerbangkan semua yang ringan-ringan.

tapi kamu nggak seringan daun kan om?

and home is where your heart is. you're always home when you bring your heart anywhere you go.

stand tall and proud for what you've become.

rock on, brotha!