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Over the ponds, over the valleys,
The mountains, the woods, the seas and the clouds,
Beyond the suns, beyond the ethers,
Beyond the border of the starry spheres,

My spirit, you move with agility,
And like a swimmer on the waves in ectasy,
Joyfully you cross the profound immensity,
With unspeakable and virile voluptuousness.

Escape far away from these morbid miasmas;
Ascend to purify on the higher air,
And hurry, like noble and divine liquor,
The clear light that inundates the limpid spaces.

Behind the tiresome and vast regrets,
That fog with their weight the misty life,
Happy be the one who with vigorous flutter
Throws themself onto the calm and luminous fields;

He whose ideas, like larks,
Drift off to the morning sky in flight
- That glides over life, and knows with no effort,
The language of the flours and other silent things!

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